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New heat recovery and hydrogen storage innovation projects

2 Nov 2023

HydroGenus teams with National Gas Transmission on two hydrogen innovation projects

Following a successful proposal to Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) panel of experts, HydroGenus is delighted to be working with National Gas Transmission and other industry partners to deliver innovative projects to help cut carbon emissions be part of the UK’s drive towards Net Zero.

The first project will help reduce carbon emissions in the current gas transmission system by recycling heat from the hydrogen compressors in the National Transmissions System to improve the efficiency of electrolysers and produce the hydrogen required to start making the transition from the use of natural gas to green hydrogen to power homes and industry across the UK.

The second project explores the development and introduction of an innovative hydrogen storage solution. This solution will enhance gas storage safety by reducing the amount of fuel kept on gas turbines sites as well as being key in the transition to hydrogen utilisation across the power networks and getting the UK to Net Zero by 2050.

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